Keep your distance. Wash your hands.

Wear #mymask.

We take the corona pandemic very seriously. We follow the recommendations of the federal government. And we go even further: Masks protect people. That is why we wear community masks in public areas. Masks from Swiss sewing workshops which are reusable, produced fairly and do not jeopardise the supply of medical masks.

2. What is #mymask all about?

weekly mask production in units

participating sewing studios

Local production

More than 65 sewing workshops are already committed to producing #mymasks. #mymask adheres to the European and Swiss recommendations for the production of non-medical hygiene masks (community masks) and uses tried-and-tested material combinations.

Protection for all

With community masks, we can protect others without jeopardising medical needs. This is because their design and use are identical to the familiar light-blue hygiene masks, but they are made from materials which are available on the market and are not in competition with usage for medical purposes.

Reusable masks

#mymask can be washed, reused several times, needs fewer resources and has a pocket into which an additional filter can be inserted.

Fair for all

Paying a fair price to the #mymask workshops, which operate on a not-for-profit basis, you receive a high-quality Swiss product at a fair price.

Who is behind #mymask?

The aim of #mymask is to provide the Swiss population with high-quality, reusable community masks. To this end, the initiative integrates small Swiss businesses along the entire value chain in order to produce masks on a not-for-profit basis. Furthermore, the initiative makes a valuable contribution to ensuring that the coronavirus is unable to spread rapidly again after the gradual de-confinement process and that the so-called “second wave” does not lead to another lockdown.

Initiated and headed by

Ralph Werder, initiator of #mymask

«Globalisation has enabled us to source products from around the world whenever we want. The issue of protective masks has shown us how fragile this system is. Paying for short-time work, ordering protective masks abroad and thus generating disposable products is not a sustainable solution. With coordinated regional production in the textile sector, we succeed in making a valuable contribution, both for the population and the producers»

Ursina Pajarola, initiator of #mymask

«I support the project because, during visits to China and Panama, I have seen at first hand the positive effects for the population of wearing protective masks. At the same time, I believe it is essential to make our own contribution in Switzerland using local resources with a view to promoting the containment of the coronavirus. Ultimately, we will provide a platform for combining different existing initiatives and providing the population with access to a protective measure»

Kathrin Puhan, initiator of #mymask

«In Switzerland, we are in a position to create something special with our materials, resources and well-trained professionals in sewing workshops. It is simply a question of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to provide the population with a useful, reusable alternative. If I can make a contribution in this way, I will be extremely proud»

Supported and enabled by


Helvetia has supported the #mymask initiative from the very outset with financial and human resources. Through its support for #mymask, Helvetia wants to make an important social contribution.

In close cooperation with

«If I can use my know-how to help people during this epidemic and give them a feeling of security, then I will gladly do so.»

Cristina Stirnemann, owner of stina gmbh raumkonzepte, manufacturer and initiator of the #mymask pattern

"Not only producing community masks, but also being part of the mask community is very motivating."

Karin Bischoff, President SWISSMODE Apparel Association Switzerland, Owner Die Manufaktur GmbH

How do I become part of #mymask?

You already have a mask and want information on how to use it correctly
You are still looking for the right mask for you
You have the means of producing masks professionally for #mymask

5 Important questions

Why are very few people choosing to wear a mask?
  1. They only partially protect the wearer against infection.
  2. There is currently a lack of medical masks because large numbers of people have recently been purchasing them. To ensure that medical staff have enough masks, the authorities have encouraged people not to wear them. This does not, however, concern community masks, which are not designed for medical use.
  3. Unlike in numerous Asian countries, wearing masks is not firmly rooted in our culture. Producing stylish, high-quality masks could change that, couldn’t it?
What do I say if someone gives me a strange look or says something to me? Will people think that I have been infected because I’m wearing a mask?

At present, many people are feeling unsettled and are afraid of the coronavirus. And in Switzerland, we are not accustomed to seeing this kind of mask. So show understanding for initial reactions. The best thing to do is to adopt a friendly manner and explain exactly why you are wearing a mask: because you are acting responsibly with regard to those around you.

Am I better protected when wearing a mask?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, there is “insufficient evidence that wearing mouth and nose protection reduces the risk of infection for a healthy person wearing such a protection.”

If a mask provides me with only partial protection, why should I wear one?

By wearing a mask, you assume responsibility for ensuring that far fewer droplets are dispersed in your surroundings. You can also be infectious without showing any symptoms. If everyone does their bit, the uncontrolled spread of the virus can be prevented.

How can people protect themselves against the coronavirus?

We are not experts or doctors. This much we can tell you: the virus is transmitted by droplet infection from infected people. You should therefore always maintain social distancing, wash your hands, wear a mask when keeping a distance of two metres is impossible and stay at home as much as possible.

You can find all important information on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health: LINK