What is #mymask all about?

The aim of #mymask is to provide the Swiss population with high-quality, reusable community masks.

The initiative therefore makes a valuable contribution to ensuring that the coronavirus is unable to spread rapidly again after the gradual de-confinement process and that the so-called “second wave” does not lead to another lockdown.

The community mask is a replica of the familiar light-blue hygiene masks. These are also called mouth and nose protection, surgical masks or OP masks. The light-blue mask is made from meltblown material, which is scarcely available on the global market and is urgently needed by the medical sector. Health professionals use the light-blue mask to protect themselves against infection in hospitals if they are unable to maintain a minimum distance from their patients and there is no major risk of aerosol formation.

The community mask uses material which is readily available on the market and does not compete with use for medical purposes. When choosing materials, the very latest studies are always taken into consideration. The design and use of the mask is the same as for a hygiene mask. The #mymask mask already includes an insertion pocket. As soon as enough meltblown material or other verified filter material is available, an additional protective layer can be added. This offers #mymask users dual benefits: good protection and an attractive design. The protection provided by the mask can be improved at a later date or in the event of a future pandemic.

There are clear indications that the community mask significantly reduces the dispersion of droplets (protection of others). Studies concerning the protection of the person wearing the mask (self-protection) are not yet available. It can simply be observed that the majority of health professionals use hygiene masks as a form of protection. The FOPH notes that a hygiene mask is sufficient if no procedure involving significant droplet formation is carried out.


Protective masks are currently among the goods most in demand in Switzerland. This is where #mymask comes into play, currently providing a platform for some 45 local community mask manufacturers.

Our team is pulling out all the stops to make all the necessary preparations so that we will soon be able to start distribution operations. Production is already under way.

weekly mask production in units

participating sewing studios


At this point, it is important to note that the #mymask initiative involves no profit-making intermediaries. We provide a network in which Swiss businesses along the entire value chain can generate sales and fair remuneration; during this period marked by the coronavirus crisis, prospects and financial subsistence are essential to the survival of small businesses. As long as the market is willing to pay a fair price for high-quality protective masks made in Switzerland and all service providers receive appropriate remuneration, the system works. More information will be provided shortly, as soon as the community masks are available for order.
Together, we facilitate a coordinated contribution to containing the coronavirus pandemic.


  • 4 May 2020: First deliveries to retailers
  • A total of over 3000m of fabric was procured
  • 5 webshops support sales to the Swiss population